The Food Microbiology Pathway: From Sample to Decision

Power your productivity 

Smasher™ XL

Large Capacity Blender/Homogenizer

Efficient blending up to 4 liters

  • The patented SMASH effect yields perfectly homogenized suspensions
  • Automatically blends one 4L bag or two 2L bags simultaneously

Easy-to-clean and improves safety

  • Integrated waste drawer
  • Paddles can be removed within seconds




The Blending Revolution

Highest Performance

  • Patented SMASH effect to ensure a perfect homogenization of the enrichment broth
    Smasher™ will sense any sample that prevents full travel of its paddles and  automatically returns to its starting position from where it will resume the task, without operator intervention

Shortest Blending Time

  • Smasher only needs 15 seconds!
    “The results obtained from 150 samples for each condition showed that the Smasher tested at 15 and 30 seconds blending times made it possible to obtain results similar to those of the compared blender tested at 60 seconds blending time. The statistical analyses made showed that the differences between the three blending times were not significant.”
    French National Food Safety Agency

Lowest Noise Level

  • Smasher generates 19 to 30 times less noise than other peristaltic blenders

Comfortable Use

  • Tilt back the chamber at 45° for easy cleaning

Combining Smasher, Smasher™ XL, Dilumat™ and VIDAS™ UP provides significant productivity gains


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