The Food Microbiology Pathway: From Sample to Decision

High-efficiency Microbial Air Sampler

With a microorganism collection efficiency of over 99% with particles as small as 0.8µm, Sampl’air™ is the perfect solution for airborne contamination monitoring. Sampl’air™ superior performance has been validated by an independent state laboratory, the Health Protection Agency (HPA, UK).

Reliable air monitoring system

Sampl’air™ relies on the well-established impaction method :

  • Airborne microorganisms are collected through a stainless steel grid
  • Microorganisms are impacted onto a standard 90 mm Petri dish

Benefits of Sampl’air

  • Accurate and reproducible : ISO14698-1 compliant
  • Easy to use, light and easy to transport
  • Flexible use with remote control and delayed start options
  • 2 levels of functionality: Lite and Pro (for complete traceability)

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