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PMi™ and XY500: Dedicated to those who  
demand performance

PMi™ Peristaltic Pump

For the automated dispensing of broth or agar, in plates, tubes or bottles.

Standardize your dispensing with:

  • Accuracy and repeatability compliant with ISO 7218
  • Automatic traceability
  • Customizable labels
  • Bidirectional connectivity with LiMS communication

Experience total ease-of-use

  • Smart software and color-changing LEDs inform user of system status
  • RFID-capability
  • Intuitive interface (help function is with one-click access)
  • Program management
  • Manual and automatic modes

Improve your productivity

1.6 L/min 225ml in under 10 sec With fast speed
500ml in under 20 sec

Evolve with your testing needs

  • Compatible with XY500 and Masterclave for dispensing media
  • 3 adjustable and one customizable speed


XY500 Robotic Module

When used in conjunction with the PMi™ Peristaltic Pump, the XY500 automates filling in flasks, bottles.


  • Two racks of 252 tubes each can be filled in the same cycle using dynamic loading directly from the original packaging
  • 4 different 96 tube racks are available
  • Easy to program using the menu-driven keypad


  • Automatic repositioning of the dispensing tip by stepper-motor ensures a greater accuracy and repeatability of filling


  • The XY500 robotic module automates the filling of any container.
  • The stand-by mode keeps the culture media in suspension
  • Switch from tube to bottle filling in seconds


  • Program the XY500 with your specific settings in less than 1 min
  • Fill over 1900 tubes/hour


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