The Food Microbiology Pathway: From Sample to Decision

Automated Sample Dilution – for today and tomorrow 

Upgrade your Dilumat™ with the XL Pack to manage your 375g samples

The 5th generation Dilumat™ EXPERT EVO and Dilumat™ START:

  • Increase your laboratory’s productivity, ensure accurate dilutions and reduce contamination risks
  • Save time and money! Avoid time consuming preparation and sterilization in 225ml bottles
  • Drastically reduce cost per sample
  • Provides full traceability

2 new Dilumat™ models, 4 main benefits:

Speed up the sample preparation

  • 25g 1:10 dilution in under 10 sec
  • 375g 1:4 dilution in under 30 sec*
  • 375g 1:10 in under 80 sec*

Improve quality

  • Automated rotating arm eliminates contamination
  • High accuracy meets BAM and ISO 7218 requirements
  • Bidirectional LIMS communication
  • Automatic traceability, including RFID capability
  • Customizable label

Evolve with your needs

  • Only one Dilumat handles samples from 3g to 375g
  • 3 dilution speeds adapted to all sample types
  • Connect up to 6 different diluents (2 built-in pumps + 4 e-pumps) for maximum flexibility
  • Upgrade to XL configuration for large samples (375g)
  • Compatible system with Dilutube, Dilubag™ and Masterclave™

Experience total ease of use

  • Smart software and color changing LEDs inform user about dilution status
  • Plug-and-play! No tedious installation needed
  • No operator intervention with Autostart mode
  • Small footprint enables customized workspace organization
  • All surfaces are easy to clean

*Dilumat™ EXPERT EVO only

Improve your lab workflow with Dilumat™ EXPERT EVO and Dilumat™ START now!


Make your life easier with the wide range of bioMérieux Enrichment and Dilution Media

Dilubag™ Broth Bags

  • Available in 3 or 5 liters: each bag allows up to 13 or 22 dilutions (225ml)
  • Easy to store and ready to use
  • Suitable for large volumes
  • Reduced weight and lower transport costs
  • Ideal for use with Dilumat™ Automated Diluter

Minibags (225 ml)

  • Single use provides total convenience
  • Wide opening for fast drainage
  • Light weight and easy to handle

Wide range of broth available, in various package sizes:

Microorganism Availability Packaging Reference
Salmonella Buffered
Peptone Water
500g    46925
100 x 9ml Tubes  42111
6 x 90ml Bottles 42042
6 x 225ml Bottles 42043
10 x 225ml Minibags 42729
3 x 3L Bags 42629
4 x 3L Dilubag AEB910303/4
2 x 5L Dilubag AEB910305/2
Listeria Half-Fraser Broth 6 x 225ml Bottles 42048
10 x 225ml Minibags  42727
3 x 3L Bags 42627
2 x 5L Dilubag AEB910915/2
Fraser Broth 500g      46956
20 x 10ml Tubes 42072
6 x 225ml Bottles 42046
Fraser Broth Base w/ Antibiotics 500g      46935
UVM Broth 2 x 5L Dilubag AEB912885AF/2
LPT Broth 20 x 10ml Tubes   410845
6 x 100ml Bottles  410846
6 x 225ml Bottles  410848
10 x 225ml Minibags 410847
4 x 3L Bags      410849
LMX Broth 6 x 225ml Bottles 42647
10 x 225ml Minibags   42749
3 x 3L Bags  42649
LX Broth 3 x 3L Bags  42628
20 x 6ml Tubes 42117
20 x 10ml Tubes 42120
6 x 225ml Bottles 42626
6 x 100ml Bottles 42635
Campylobacter CampyFood Broth 10 x 225ml Minibags   42643
Others Tryptone Salt
(0.1% Peptone Water)
6 x 90ml Bottles    AEB611494
4 x 3L Dilubag AEB911493/4
2 x 5L Dilubag AEB911495/2
Butterfield Phosphate Buffer 4 x 3L Dilubag AEB910083AF/4
Tryptic Soy Broth (TSB) 2 x 5L Dilubag AEB911505/2
Lactose Broth 4 x 3L Bags 415984
25 x 90ml Bottles P2280
25 x 100ml Bottles P2290
500g 46824


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