The Food Microbiology Pathway: From Sample to Decision

APS One™ Automated Pourer Stacker: 
A new standard of Petri dish quality

The revolutionary culture media dispensing system for Petri dishes offers an industrial experience adapted to laboratory needs.

The New Generation Technology

  • Outstanding plate quality even for low volume agar plates
  • High capacity carousel: 560 plates (10 liters of Agar)
  • Ergonomic, fast and easy loading, dispenses 650 plates per hour
  • Integrated plate cooling
  • Full traceability (on USB key and/or optional printer)
  • Innovative graphic display and user interface

Compact and versatile

  • Adapted to virtually all 90mm and 55mm Petri dishes
  • Compact footprint and height
  • Easy to clean and operate in a sterile (UV) environment

Connect the APS One™ to any Masterclave® and start dispensing freshly prepared plated media automatically!


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